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Isaac Sommers

Isaac is a veteran NCFCA and Stoa competitor, debate coach, camp instructor, co-founder of Integrity Communication founder of Ziggy Online Debate. Isaac graduated from Howard Payne University in Public Policy and Civic Leadership and is currently a JD Candidate at Harvard Law School for 2021. He is a 7-time nationally-placing competitor, and his National awards in high school include, 2nd in Lincoln-Douglas in 2011 at NCFCA, 4th in Team Policy in 2014, and 3rd in Parliamentary debate at the 2014 NITOC. Isaac won top awards at the WCL National High School Moot Court competition in 2012 and 2013. At the collegiate level, Isaac won the TUMCA Moot Court Regional Championship three times, advanced to outrounds every year at the AMCA National Championship, ranking as high as 3rd place, and winning 1st Place in the Petitioner Brief Writing Competition in 2018.

Lauren Jarvis

Lauren is a speech and debate coach and an Economics, Political Science, and International Studies University Scholar at Baylor University. As a five-year competitor, she took debate finals at half of the tournaments she attended her final year and ended the year as the highest full-season ranking Team Policy team in the nation and as a Top 5 speaker and Top 10 debater at the National Championship. Now, Lauren loves equipping her students to overcome their personal barriers to excel in communicating their message with confidence, persuasion, and power.

Jordan Hahn

Jordan Hahn graduated from Howard Payne University, where she received Bachelor of Arts degrees in Civic Leadership/Public Policy, Global Studies, and English. This fall, she will be attending law school at either the University of Virginia or Columbia Law and plans to pursue an international legal career. Jordan also participated in undergraduate moot court for four years and won numerous awards, including AMCA 2018 National Champion Petitioner Brief and the TUMCA 2017 Championship.

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